How to Fix Canon Printer Error 5100? Give Us A Call

canon printer error 5100

Canon is one of the leading company that produces good quality and durable printers and cameras. Users like it for its user-friendly performance. But seldom Canon printers start to show some error codes including Canon printer error 5100. This particular error says that there are problems with the ink cartridge.

In case if you are also facing the same issue, then you should solve it as soon as possible. Here in this guide, you will find some incredible ways to fix the error at an instant. So, read the entire post and solve it on your own.

Possible reasons for getting Canon Printer Error 5100

Canon printer error 5100 can occurs due to several reasons. It is basically a hardware problem. The main reason that is most responsible for the error is an outdated driver. If the printer drivers get outdated, then this problem may happen. In case your device gets affected by virus or malware, then you might face this issue. Apart from that, if the ink cartridge doesn’t contain sufficient ink, then this error will annoy you as well. So, as soon you find any of this reason, resolve the error by executing the fixes as mentioned below.

Probable Fixes to Solve Canon Printer Error 5100

Have a look at the some of the common fixes that help you to sort out Canon printer error 5100. You need to be very careful while executing the steps.

Solution 1: Set your printer as Default

This is one of the basic tips by which you can easily solve the issue. To do so, the first thing you need to do is. Click and hold the “R” and Windows key altogether from the keyboard. It will help to run the dialog box. Then, type “Control” in the box and press the Enter key. Next, choose Devices and Printer. After that, choose Set as default printer from the Printer section. Now, mark the small box and your Canon printer is set as your default printer. At last, review if the error gets solved or not.

Solution 2: Update Firmware Of The Printer

Seldom an outdated or old firmware can be the reason for this particular error code. So, at that time, you need to update the firmware to fix the issue. At first, click on the Start button. Then choose Run icon by clicking on it and type “CMD” in the command box of the Run dialog bar. After that move to the directory where the firmware is saved. You need to press the Enter key and type “copy /B *.RFU LPT 1.” Now, tap on “Enter” to copy the firmware file to your printer and you should update that. You can see that the LCD will display Receiving Upgrade if you have executed the process successfully. Now, reboot your device after completing the process. Finally, check if the error code gets solve or still showing on the screen.

Interact With The Experts For Further Information

In case if you are still confronting Canon printer error 5100, then do not get worried about that.  Dial our toll-free number and give us a call. The professionals will sort out your queries without any delay. Our company comprises a number of skilled and experienced engineers who have already gained good reviews in this domain. If calling is a boring process for you, then you can chat with us through the chat portal. Furthermore, you can also send an email at our official email ID. We assure that you will receive a perfect solution regarding your issue.

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