Fix Canon Network Printer Not Detected With Handy Solutions

canon network printer not detected

Like most gadgets in the market, Canon printers face a fair share of problems. Canon network printer not detected is one of them. Critical issues with the system, like the glitches in Windows registry, configuration changes, hardware, and software malfunctions, all contribute to this problem. If you are facing similar issues and want redressal, our article will surely help you. Just read till the end to know a handful of solutions. In case, the methods seem a little complex, simply dial the contact number mentioned here and talk to our certified experts.

Canon printers are quite popular, producing quality pictures and documents for ages. Its additional features and style make it durable, robust and affordable. However, few modifications lead to error codes and the performance drastically falls. Without further ado, let us check it up.

The Indications of Canon Network Printer Not Detected Problem

The situations which you might go through if you face a Canon network printer not detected are as follows-

  • A notification pops up when the user tries to print any document
  • The cause is also stated in some situations. For example, there can be problems with printer drivers.
  • Multiple troubleshooting techniques appear in the suggestion panel but they fail to work.

Causes of Canon Printer Not Detected

This issue primarily appears due to several glitches in the system. Few of them are discussed minutely in the following points if you get to see a Canon printer not detected

  1. Major problems in the installation process. Either the installation procedure was incomplete or stopped midway.
  2. Problems in the system due to recent changes. Adjustments in the factory settings like the booting process may eliminate Canon printer related files
  3. Out of date or corrupt drivers
  4. Windows Registry errors
  5. Hardware and software issues for which the modem doesn’t work properly.
  6. For models using a USB cable, a malfunctioning cord can lead to similar problems.
  7. Apart from the above, there can be troubles with the network. If the wireless connection was not established properly, you can encounter errors while working on the Canon models.

Solutions For Resolving Network Issues In Canon Printers

First, the Canon Printer, router, and the access point must be switched ON. Then switch them off for several seconds. After a while turn it back ON. Now set your Canon printer near the router and make sure the Wi-Fi switch light is blinking blue. Then move to the Operation Panel and navigate to the setup button. Use the left or right arrow key and view the Device settings. You will find endless options there. Confirm with a press in the OK button. Now, use the upper and lower arrow key to click on the LAN settings. Open it and confirm to the WLAN setting list by clicking on the OK icon. Finally, view the WLAN settings list and make sure the connection displayed is ‘Active’.

Check the SSL settings and enter the network key number which comes with the modem. Make sure to perform a print test to check whether the trouble is gone.

Alternative Solution Regarding The Network Problems

Apart from the process given above, you can temporarily disable the Firewall settings. Then, try to establish a WiFi connection through the printer settings. Otherwise, you can install the printer driver software application with paused Firewall settings. In the end, do not forget to enable the protection shield. The same rules also follow for the internet security system. You can pause the application while you are trying to install software related to the Canon printer.

Certified Experts Just a Call Away!

Though the solutions work for most of the Canon printer models, there can always be an exception. The issue can gain momentum then. Hence, it is better to seek advice from experts who have been in this field for years. You can rely upon Canon Printer support for affordable and reliable solutions. Our bunch of executives is excellent in removing any issues regarding the Canon brand. Their mode of work will definitely impress you. Providing 100% customer satisfaction is our primary aim. Hence, if the solutions for Canon network printer not detected does not help you, do not worry. Call on the Canon helpline number +1-888-223-5549 or drop an email. Further, you can connect to us through the live chat portal.

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