Feasible Ways To Troubleshoot and Fix Canon Error 1403 Instantly

canon error 1403

Canon printer always gets good reviews from its users due to its exceptional performance and quality printing. But sometimes, it starts to show some errors while printing via Canon printers that annoy the users the most. Canon error 1403 is one such error that is encountered by a number of users. This error appears when the print head got damaged completely.

In case, if you are also suffering from this particular issue, then solve the error as soon as possible on your own by implementing proper solutions. Thus, go through the entire post to know the suitable tips and tricks to resolve the issue.

Apparent Causes Which Led to Canon Error 1403:

There are certain reasons behind the Canon Pixma error 1403. If the printhead gets damaged completely, then you might confront this error on your device. However, some other factors are equally responsible for getting this error, such as poor or weak connectivity, virus or malware attack, outdated driver, incompatible or defective ink cartridge, etc.

Convenient Solutions To Fix Canon Error 1403:

In this section, we are going to discuss some effective hacks that are really helpful for you while troubleshooting and fixing the Canon error 1403. You just need to follow the tricks in exactly the same way as mentioned in this article.

Clear the Printer

This is the very first way to solve this technical glitch. You need to open the printer and wait until the carriage slide over automatically. Now, you have to separate the cartridge from the print head section. Take a cotton swab dipped in the solution of isopropyl and hot water. With the cotton swab, wipe out the printer very carefully. You need to repeat this procedure until you find your printer clean from the ink residue. After finishing this step, wait for some time while it gets dried up. Now, replace the ink cartridges and check if the issue is still persisting or get solved.

Update Device Driver

An outdated driver can occur Canon error 1403. So, you need to update the device driver soon. To do so, at first, tap on the Start button and next navigate to the “Device Manager Window.” Now, type “devicemngr” in the box. After that, expand the category “Network adapters.” Then, choose your device as shown on the list. Now, right-click on that device icon. After that, choose the option “Update driver” and click on it. Then, click on “ Search automatically for updated driver” software respectively. At the last step, confirm the process by clicking on “OK.” It will take a few moments. Finally, restart your device and check if the error is appearing on the screen or gets solved.

Verify the Connection

If you are connected with a poor or weak network, then Canon error 1403 stuck on the screen and won’t let the printer work properly. So, you need to check the connection as well. To do so, at first detach your Canon printer from the main power supply and keep waiting for a few minutes. When the system cooldowns plug in the printer, you need to press and hold the Power key for ten to fifteen seconds to switch on. After that, tap the Stop button and repeat the same process once more. Finally, release the power key and press “Stop” for four to five minutes.

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