Eliminate Brother Printer Won’t Scan Issue With Feasible Ways

Brother printers are well-known printers used by millions of users in recent ages. But, like every technology, it is quite possible to have a few problems while using a printer for a long time. “Brother printer won’t scan” is one such error that is very common in occurrence.

By any chance, if you are also encountering the same, then do not get upset. Keeping this in mind, here we have detailed information to get rid of this issue.

Why Brother Printer Won’t Scan?

The source of this particular issue can be defined as many reasons. Some of those are described briefly in this passage. Have a deep look at the reasons:

  • Outdated drivers In case if your Brother printer’s driver gets outdated then it is pretty possible that your printer won’t allow scanning.
  • Weak or poor connection – If you are connected with a bad or poor internet connection then you might also face this particular issue with your Brother printer.
  • Virus, malware attack – There is also a possibility of getting this glitch if your device is infected by virus or malware. At that time, you have to remove the virus from your system as soon as possible.
  • Apart from the other outdated firewall, wrong IP addresses, and hardware issue are also responsible for this error.

How To Solve Brother Printer Won’t Scan?

Have a deep look at the methods that can help you to solve “Brother printer won’t scan to computer” issue. You have to perform exactly the same as stated:

Fix 1: Set IP addresses on the scanner driver

The first thing you need to do is to open your device and click on the Start icon. Then choose the Control panel. After that, select the “Scanner properties” and click on it. Noe, navigate to the search box and type “scanner” in it. Then, select “View scanners and cameras” by clicking on it. Select your scanner and click on Properties. In case if you find the user account screen, then choose “Confirm” and you have to enter correct username and password. Now, choose “Network setting” icon and click on it. At the last step, have a click on “Specify your machine by address.” Finally, you have to put the IP address and click on OK.

Fix 2: Be sure Control Center is running

If the above method is not helpful for you then you can choose this one as well. To do so, at first, start your computer and choose “All apps.” From the list click on Brother and next move to “Brother Utilities.” Now, choose Control Center and click on it. Now, try to scan once more and check if the problem gets resolved or not. If not, then move to the next step and check if the driver is installed properly. Choose “Scanner Properties” and tap on the icon. After that choose the “Network setting” that is located under the “Network scanner properties.” Finally, tap on “Specify your machine by the name” and put the proper IP dresses and click Apply and then OK. Try to scan and check if the error gets fixed.

Reach Us For More Help

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