Brother Printer Won’t Print? Troubleshoot With Effective Solutions

Brother printers are one of the brands that are improving with time. They are now packed with robust features that are suitable for business and home pursuits. Being a machine, they are not flawless. Issues like Brother printer won’t print often appears unconditionally. The causes may be due to a configuration error, ink tank, hardware and even because of software glitches. With the changing time, the troubles are also changing in its dynamicity. In case you are facing such situations, do not panic. Read the article completely and deal with the problem singlehandedly.

Reasons “Why Brother Printer won’t Print?”

  1. Though Brother printers are durable and dynamic, if the model you are using is not configured properly, the status will show inactive and the printer will not show anything in the output
  2. You are likely to encounter an error message if the driver settings are different and do not recognize the Brother printer you are using.
  3. Further, Brother printer won’t print anything if the ink cartridge is totally empty.
  4. Out of date Brother printer drives or corrupt drives are a cause of contention.
  5. Another valid cause is related to the Firewall settings. This mostly happens in wireless models when the connection is snapped due to hindrance put forward by the Firewall Protection.

This was a glimpse of the various factors that stops your Brother printer from printing. Thankfully, you can worry less and use the solutions given in the next section.

Techniques To Fix Brother Printer Won’t Print Black

Here we will discuss most of the solutions as far as possible. In case you mess up any method, feel free to connect with our certified personnel.

  1. First, turn the Brother printer on. If the ON button is working well, move to the settings of the computer. Then navigate to the Devices and Printers. Finally, check the status of the device. It must be turned active.
  2. If the former method does not work, check the power cable attaching the machine to the printer. In case of any signs of wear and rear, simply replace it with a new one.
  3. Try restarting your computer and move to the Driver Settings to see if there are any changes in the system. Move to Control Panel and check for your Brother printer and search for the model number. Then set it as the default printer and with the right click check what is printing. Once you tap on the option, you will find the Cancel icon. Click on that and stop all the queued materials from printing. You can also move to the Printer Properties and check the port settings. If the USB port you are using is absent, then add it or else tap OK to confirm the port address.
  4. As an alternative, you can try to upgrade the drive software application. But it is advisable to talk to the experts since any wrong on your part can lead to severe data loss.

Few other solutions For Brother Printer Glitch

If the methods stated above does not work for you, there are few other solutions at your disposal. You can try the printing [procedure from another printer. There can be a possible glitch in the hardware. Therefore, doing the same activity from another printer can work.

Finally, you can move to the Settings and then the Control panel of the computer. Then directly move to Device Manager. Check for your printer number there.

Brother Printer Professionals Within Your Budget

With passing time, more issues are cropping up due to the advancements in printing technology. Though the methods work in most cases, there are chances that the reverse happens. In that case, it is necessary to take into account professionals who can resolve critical issues like Brother printer won’t print. We are here providing you with the premium Brother Printer Support. Our technicians have been into this industry for ages and know the exact ways of resolving them. They are well equipped and work minutely in determining the problem and the solutions. Hence, you can totally rely on us with your product. Simple call the Brother printer Support Number +1-888-223-5549.Owing to the huge customer base, you may find the phone lines busy. In that case, you can shoot an email dropping your query. Further, you can connect with us through the live chat portal. All the mediums are safe and connect securely to us.  

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