Troubleshoot Brother Printer Paper Jam With Detailed Steps

Brother printer paper jam is a common phenomenon that occurs in most models at least once. Either due to foreign particles stuck inside the internal parts or due to toner, the reason can be any. Moreover, stuck bits of paper or sudden power cut are some probable causes behind this trouble. But there are a bunch of steps to eliminate this problem. If the paper jam situation seems familiar to you, then it is time to follow the solutions we have got for you. So, read till the end and say bye bye to the paper jam error codes.

Brother Printer Paper Jam: Summarising The Symptoms And Causes

  1. You will encounter a paper jam message while you try to print any document or image. As a result, the process may temporarily stop. The reason behind this can vary according to the condition of your Brother printer.
  2. Brother printer paper jam error appears if there are particles like bits of stuck paper, dried ink blots, dust and moisture in the print roller.
  3. The ink cartridge is of poor quality or is empty
  4. The size and type of sheets are jumbled up and are set one after the other
  5. Similarly, a crowded print tray can slow down the process of printing and fold the sheet while the process is being executed.
  6. Sudden power cut and loose connectivity are additional causes
  7. Hardware and software application issues are another cause behind this.

Well, more causes are appearing as the model is advancing. Whatever the situation is, it is necessary to remove the problem from the core.

Resolving Brother Printer Paper Jam Error:

Part 1

To resolve the problem first check the control panel of the printer control panel. The third button will be blinking. Once you find it, switch off the Printer and gently uncover it. Wait for some minutes before following steps:

  1. All this while, avoid touching any internal part of the Brother printer.
  2. Now, slowly, remove the drum unit and ink cartridge. In most cases, the stuck paper moves out along with them. You can simply pull that out. Now, keep those components aside to avoid any scatter or spill due to negligence.
  3. Stay away from electrodes that often pass in this stage.
  4. Now, shut the front cover of the Brother Printer. At this stage, do not keep the components back to its place. In that place, pull out the stuck bit of page/paper.
  5. Then, move to the back cover and open it to expose the fuser cover. You will find two tabs that need to be pulled down.
  6. Once you pull them down, take out the jammed paper gently.
  7. Next, close both the fuser and face-up output tray/cover.
  8. Simultaneously, take out the duplex tray and pull the jammed sheet. The stuck part can be anywhere so it is always necessary to check every inch of the Brother printer.
  9. After step 8, keep the duplex tray back to its original position.
  10. Finally, press down a lock lever (green) and bring out the toner from the drum unit. Check for bits of paper and remove it solely with hands.

Part 2

  1. Place the toner component in its former place. The indication is the green lever lock which will fit automatically.
  2. Now, put the drum unit along with cartridge assembly in its place.
  3. Shut the front cover and confirm that the LED switches are turned off.

Advanced Solutions At Your Budget

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