How To Connect HP Printer To Wi-Fi Router- Get Assistance From Us

HP printers have been ranking as the best printers in the world and are competing with the other printer manufacturing companies. It has been providing top-notch services for the last few decades. With the advancement of technology, HP printers have introduced wireless printing. Thus, if we want to take printouts from HP printer wirelessly, we have to connect it to the router. Therefore, to avail the service on your HP printer, we are going to discuss how to connect HP printer to Wi-Fi router.

How To Connect HP Printer To Wi-fi Router?

Herein, we are going to elaborately discuss the process to connect an HP printer to a Wi-Fi router.

Using The WPS Button

At first, check whether the printer is in range of the Wi-Fi router. If it is not in the range, then place it in the range. Then, switch on the HP printer. Now, ensure that your printer and the router have the ‘WPS push-connect’ utility. If the devices facilitate this utility, then press the ‘WPS button’ on the printer and the router. As a result, the connection will be established.

Using A Wireless Router

To begin with, check whether the ‘Wireless card’ is active on the computer. Then, check the router and the printer and make sure that the router is turned on. If not, then turn on the router and printer. After that, place the HP setup disc on the disc tray. Then, select the ‘Install Network/Wireless Device’. email support Also, attach the USB cable to the computer and printer.

After that, select the option ‘Finish’ to complete and then install it.

Using An Additional Network

First, check whether the wireless signals of the printer and the computer are ‘active’.

After that, press the ‘Windows’ key and then select the ‘Control Panel’ from the list. Now, on the Control Panel, select the option ‘Network & Internet’. Then, select the heading ‘Network and Sharing Center’. Next, choose the network ‘hpsetup’ from the mentioned networks. Then, install the software and add the printer to your wireless router.

Alternative Approach

At first, power on the HP printer. Then, on the printer screen, select the ‘Right Arrow’ and then press the key ‘Setup’. Next, in the ‘Setup’ menu, select the option ‘Network’. After that, from the ‘Network Menu,’ choose the option ‘Wireless Setup Wizard’. Then, choose your ‘Network’ and provide the ‘WEP/WPA Passphrase’. Click on ‘Done’ to complete.  Then, select the option OK’ for ‘settings’ confirmation. Next, select ‘OK’ to ‘Skip’.

Get In Touch With Us For Instant Support

These are some of the best possible ways to connect the HP printer and the Wi-Fi router without any hassle. But, if you are confused regarding how to connect HP printer to wi-fi router, then you can get in touch with us on our helpline number +1-855-789-0292 to get reliable assistance. In case you find our numbers congested or unavailable, you can also reach us via emails. Apart from that, you can talk to our experts in real time by using the live chat option.

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