A Comprehensive Guide On How To Connect Brother HL-2270DW Printer To Wifi

Brother printers are quite reliable products and these printers are known for their exceptional features. Brother printers offer the best quality printout and amazing printing speed and that too at low cost. If you are using wireless Brother printer and want to take out some print outs by using Wifi, then you can easily do it by connecting Brother printer to Wifi. It is quite an easy procedure to configure the Brother printer to Wifi. There are multiple ways to connect the Brother printer. So if you want to know how to connect Brother HL-2270DW printer to Wifi, then follow the article properly.

Step-by-step Procedure for Hl 2270dw Wireless Setup:

The first thing before performing this wireless setup for this device is to make sure whether your computer has wireless capability. It simply needs to connect the network with a wireless element. So to do that, perform these steps:

Solution 1: Configuration Via Installation Disc

  • At first, connect your power cable to the printer. (do not connect the USB cable)
  • Then, turn on the printer and wait for some time to boot it up.
  • Press the GO button to print a test page.
  • Now, insert the Brother installation in the disc drive and click on the Setup.exe option in the Autoplay tab.
  • At the bottom of the window, click on the HL-2270DW option.
  • Then, click on the Preferred language from the list.
  • Now, click on the Installed Printer Driver button at the top of the Window.
  • For confirming, click on the Yes button.
  • Again, click on the Yes button for accepting the license agreement.
  • Click on the Wireless connection and then hit the Next button.
  • Now, check for the Brother Peer-to-Peer Network Printer option and click the Next button

Solution 2: Configuration With the Network Settings

By this method, you can easily configure the Brother printer with the help of network settings. To do so, perform these steps:

  • At first, open the Firewall/ Antivirus page
  • Choose the option Change the Firewall port settings to enable network connection and continue with the installation. Then, click on the Next button.
  • After that, from the bottom of the Window click on the Wireless setup option.
  • Then, click on the Next option and tick the check and confirm the option.  Hit the Next option.
  • Check the temporarily used USB cable option and hit the Next button.
  • Now, connect the printer from a socket and wait for some time so that your computer recognizes the printer.
  • Click on the Next button. Then, type the password in the network key field and confirm it
  • At last, click on Yes option to complete the Setup process.

Solution 3: Reset the Network to Factory Default

All the network settings like password and the IP address are stored to the factory default settings. So by resetting the network to factory defaults, you can easily overcome this error.

  • At first, turn the power off of the system.
  • Then, press the Go button and turn on the system.
  • Now, press and hold the Go button until the front LED of the printer will off.
  • After that, release and press the Go button until the machine network card will reset.

Solution 4: Assign a New IP Address to the Printer

If the above step does not work for you, then you can perform this method. To perform this method, follow the instructions listed below:

  • At first, make a temporary connection with the help of an ethernet cable.
  • Remove the protection cap from the ethernet cable and connect it to your router.
  • Wait for some time to verify that the Brother printer acquires the IP address or not.

Solution 5: Configure the Wireless Card

You can configure the wireless card in the printer to connect the Brother HL-2270DW printer to Wifi. Go through the steps provided below to perform this method:

  • At first, open the web browser from your computer.
  • Then, type the IP address and hit the Enter key.
  • Now, click on the network configuration menu.
  • Next, to the wireless network name click on the browse option.
  • Type the username and password and click on the OK button.
  • Click on the configure wireless option
  • After that, choose the Authentication method and enter the network key and password and hit the Submit button.
  • Disconnect the ethernet cable from the printer
  • Wait for a few minutes to configure the IP address.  

Now you can see that your Brother HL-2270DW printer will be connected to Wifi.

Interact With Our Experts to Connect Your Brother Printer to Wifi

Thus, in this article, we have talked about the process of how to connect the Brother HL-2270DW printer to Wifi. If you are still not able to connect your Brother HL-2270DW printer to Wifi then you can take an expert help. For such kind of complexity, you can contact us to our helpline number +1-888-223-5549. Else, you can also contact us through the email or live chat service.


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