Effective and Brilliant Ways to Fix Xerox Printer Error Code 024-747

Xerox is one of the leading companies for selling prints and digital document producing devices and solutions to the whole world. Xerox printers are laser printers loaded with a lot of innovative features that enable you to print bright, vibrant, and colorful photos and documents. These Xerox printers are steady, reliable and deliver high–class performance at minimal costs. Users can use these Xerox printers in offices, business setups, and industrial houses. Over the years, with extensive usage, users are encountering issues like the Xerox printer error code 024-747.

Xerox error code 024-747 is usually caused by incorrect configuration of system settings or irregular entries appended in your Windows registry. This error can be easily fixed with the help of special software that is regulated by various repair processes that can fix the error. With this blog, you can come to know more about this error code along with some excellent troubleshooting hacks.

Everything You Need to Know About Xerox Printer Error Code 024 747

The error 024-747 occurs when the Acrobat/Reader is set to Choose Paper Source by PDF page size( Often, the cause will be a PS error where the size is actually 11*17.01). On the other hand, it is also caused if something in the settings implies that the tabloid must be a portrait that is impossible. This happens more frequently with Illustrator or Indesign than Acrobat. The error code is common because it is a parameter issue.

As we all know, Xerox printers are used mostly for commercial purposes. Like any other technical device, it will develop errors after one point in time. Error code 024-747 is disturbing and is related to the paper tray and the size of the file. These can be fixed easily, but at times, it becomes difficult for the user to solve it by themselves. It is better to go for expert advice or help. This will ensure that the printer is repaired by skilled technicians who will help increase the longevity of the printer.

Easy Steps to Fix the Error Code 024-747

Technical devices undergo failure that can be minimized with proper handling and usage. You can try the following steps for fixing the error code.

Fix-Xerox-printer-error code 024-747

  • Scan your Computer with the Help of an Appropriate Repair Tool: You can download a free repair tool which is quite easily accessible for users. With the help of the repair tool, you can detect as well as fix the error. The tool is extremely useful and can detect the malicious issues which are, at times, hidden in the device. Once you are done downloading the tool, save the files on the desktop. This is done so that you can have easy access to folders that are required to fix the Xerox printer error code.
  • Detecting File Location: Users can save the link by right-clicking the option. Complete the download, locate the file and double click on the option. Upon finishing this task, it will begin the installation procedure within minutes. When your program is launched, a welcome screen will appear on the display. The users must leave the checkbox as unticked which helps to easily enable repair tool in an automatic scan. Tap on the ‘install’ icon to start the installation procedure.
  • Reimage Welcome Screen: After you are done with the earlier two steps, download all necessary updates. But, make sure that your internet connection is enabled at that time. The tool will start a preliminary scan of the printer and conduct an inspection to determine the functional state of your printer. Once you have completed the above step, you will be able to detect the faulty areas of your Xerox printers.
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Heavy usage of Xerox printers makes them prone to errors very often. Users who are frequently using it can check out some other ways to instantly fix the error so that they can minimize their repair costs. Have a look at some simple techniques to get rid of the Xerox error code.

Overview of Some Alternative Techniques for Fixing Error Code 024-747

  • Firstly, make sure that your printer possesses an updated driver that is currently running on the device.
  • Then, ensure that the application has not set the paper size to an odd one.
  • In some cases, check that you are setting the paper size to MS Word or Excel to Original document size. It will quickly help to solve the error.
  • Another way is to switch off the device and then, reboot it and switch it on. Check if the error code is resolved or not.
  • If the error still persists, try to get the prints of Bates Numbering using the ultimate maximum user-defined digits.

Still troubled with Xerox printer error? Then, your printer must be having some serious problem which can be solved by tech experts or skilled professionals only. You should definitely consult with a reliable service provider for printer fix solutions to get rid of Xerox error code 024-747. Choose the most trustworthy service provider to avail quick solutions for these common printer issues. A professional guide will solve the issues within a short span by providing you with budget-friendly Xerox printer services.

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