Samsung Printer Won’t Connect To WiFi – Get The Possible Fixes

Samsung is a Korean company mainly known for manufacturing computers and mobile phone. But in the last few years, it started manufacturing printers as well. But sometimes, while connecting the wireless Samsung printer to the computer, you find some problems. Thus, in this article, we are going to provide the all possible fixes for Samsung printer won’t connect to WiFi in details. So, if you are also stuck with the same problem, then this article will help you.

Reasons Why Samsung Printer Won’t Connect To WiFi

samsung printer won't connect to wifi

These are the possible causes of the Samsung printer won’t connect to WiFi:

  1. There might be some technical issues with the computer or printer due to which the printer is not connecting to the WiFi.
  2. Sometimes, due to the Firewall or the Antivirus on the computer, the printer fails to connect to the computer or WiFi.
  3. Also if the IP address is changed, then this issue can come up.
  4. If you are using the backdated utilities, then you might face this issue as well.

Methods To Resolve The Samsung Printer Won’t Connect To WiFi

Although this issue is quite annoying and creates work lag, you can resolve them. Therefore, to do so on your own, keep reading. The methods to resolve the Samsung wireless printer offline are as follows:

Restart Every Device

If there are any software or hardware issues with either your computer or the printer, then you might face this issue. Thus, restart your computer as well as the printer. After some time, try to check whether your printer is online or not.

Check The Wireless Connectivity

To check the wireless connectivity of the printer, go through these steps. At first, place the printer in the range of the wireless router. Then, turn the printer on and try to connect to the ‘wireless network’. Now, select the Start key from the keyboard and then select Control Panel from the list.

Then, choose the option ‘Devices and Printers’ or ‘View Devices and printers’ depending on the version of the Operating System on your computer. Next, check whether your printer is available on the list or not. If the printer is not available on the list, then select the option ‘Add a Printer’. Now, from the list choose your printer. After that, connect the printer to your computer.

Deactivate The Firewall Or Antivirus On Your Computer

Sometimes, due to the Firewall or the Antivirus on your computer, you might face this issue with the printer. Thus, to resolve this issue, deactivate the Firewall or the Antivirus of the computer. You can open the Control Panel and disable the program from there.

Reconfiguring The Printer

In some cases, due to the configuration-related changes on the printer, you might face this issue on your printer. Thus, to resolve the issue, you have to reconfigure your printer. Therefore, to re-configure your printer, at first, change the Password of the WiFi as well as the Wireless Security Protocol. Then, set the SSID of your router. Also, try to enable any type of filters like MAC address Filtering or AP Isolation. After that, check, if the issue is resolved with your printer.

Change The IP Address

Also, sometimes due to changing the IP address of your device, this issue can occur. Therefore, to get rid of the issue, change the IP address of the computer with the following steps.

At first, open the Control Panel of your computer and then select the option ‘Network and Sharing Center’. Now, navigate to the option saying ‘Change adapter settings’. After that, right-click on ‘Local Area Connection’ and then select the option ‘Properties’. Then, select the option ‘Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)’. Now, click on ‘Properties’ from there. Now, choose the option ‘Use the following IP address’ and then choose ‘OK’. Finally, close the ‘Local Area Connection’ and the IP address of the network will be modified.

Get Assistance From Us

Hopefully, this will resolve the issue on your printer. But at times, the above-mentioned solutions might fail. In case you need some additional assistance or you are not tech-savvy enough to fix

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