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Printers are one of the best outcomes of technological advancements which help to reduce our burden of paperwork. It helps to carry out several important tasks within a minimum amount of time.  There are several popular printer brands in the market out of which Samsung printers are highly preferred by users.  A South Korea based company, Samsung Inc. develops these useful devices which offer premium features and long shelf life. These printers are the best to use at homes as well as office premises to carry out a large volume of printing jobs effortlessly. Samsung printers offer great performance, high-end printing, increased productivity and strong security to your valuable information.

Despite being such a useful device, Samsung printers develop many critical error codes with time. Error Code 11 1112 is the most common and frequently occurring error in Samsung printers. It generally occurs due to an outdated firmware or wrongly installed printer driver. As a result, your printer stops working suddenly without giving any prior warning about it. This error requires expert guidance which you can avail by contacting a reliable printer technician. Keep reading this write-up to know everything about Samsung printer error code 11-1112 and its possible repair methods.

Why Does Error Code 11 112 Occur in Samsung Printers?

The Samsung printer error code 11-1112 may occur in case your existing computer firmware is outdated. It can also appear if you have installed the printer driver incorrectly. Hardware failure and damaged components can also cause this error code in the course of any printing session. Whatever may be the reason, it can be easily resolved by professional service providers. However, you can also try out some easy-to-run methods to fix this error code and resume your printing job. The next paragraphs will clear your idea about those quick methods.

Quick Fixes for Error Message 11 112 of Samsung Printers

If your important printing job gets on hold all of a sudden, it understandably becomes annoying for you. Contacting repair service professionals might be time-consuming in a few cases. That is why we have provided the following guidelines in this article which you can easily apply on your own.

Fix Samsung Printer Error Code 11-1112

 1) Advanced solution via manual update

  • First, start your computer and log in as the administrator
  • Then, click on the Start button and select All Programs. After that, click on Accessories and then go to System Tool and then, click on System Restore
  • On the System Restore screen, click on the Next button. Click on the confirmation.
  • Restart the system after restoration
  • Try to take sample prints to verify the complete elimination of the error code

Not getting any green signal from your printer even after applying this method? Try out the next technique which is given below.

2) Novice Solution Via the Automated Method

It is the easiest method in which you are supposed to download the Samsung printer error 11 1112 repair tool. Then, you should install the tool in the correct way and tap on the fix error button to solve the issue. After that, you need to restart the computer and take sample prints to check whether the error code reappears or not. In case you do not get the expected result from this method also, another easy method is explained below.

3) Simple Printer Rebooting Method

Try disconnecting your printer from your PC and then, uninstall the drivers from your control panel. Go to the manufacturer’s website (Samsung) and click on the drivers and software area to download a new copy of the files necessary to run it. Then, reinstall the driver following the printer manual and restart the printer. To check if Samsung printer error code 11-1112 has resolved or not, print some sample documents.

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Still receiving the Samsung printer error 11 1112 even after applying all of the above-mentioned methods? Maybe its time to put a break to self-service and consult with reliable printer service providers to avail quick resolutions. Various printer repair teams are there in the market with whom you can consult to get this error code resolved at the earliest. They will fix this issue within the shortest time by offering you a flawless printer fix at a cost-effective price.

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