Fixed: Printer Not Activated Error Code-30 On Windows OS

Printer Not Activated Error Code-30

Printers are important for every workplace. However, with everyday use, the printer can face a random problem or an issue while printing any document. 

The most common problem is the “Printer Not Activated Error Code 30” which gets displayed primarily while printing any PDF file. This happens primarily due to the misconfiguration of the printer.

Whatever be the problem, you need to resolve it as soon as possible to avoid any further hassle. Here, we have discussed all effective way-outs to resolve the problem.

Causes behind “Printer Not Activated Error Code 30” Message

As you know whenever you try to print any PDF this error pops up, so here are the causes due to which this generally happens:

  • Perhaps you may be using a Windows account that is not having full permissions to run certain administrative tasks. 
  • Moreover, if you are using the printer with a corrupted driver, then error code 30 will pop up. 
  • If the system is connected to more than one printers and the printer is not set as default, then windows will display this error.
  • Perhaps the Windows 10 is not updated to the latest version. If the printer is not listed in the Windows version you are using, then this error will probably pop up.

5 Solutions to Resolve “Printer Not Activated Error Code”

There can be a lot of causes behind the pop-up message, so the solutions discussed here can solve the error 30 at the earliest.

Method 1: Run the Printer Troubleshooter

The first option you can try is to run the Troubleshooter tool. You need to follow the below steps:

  • Press Windows + R to open the Run dialog box
  • Then, type the following: msdt.exe/idPrinterDiagnostic and hit the Enter button.

After that, the Troubleshoot option will appear on the screen. Simply, follow the instructions to proceed. 

Method 2: Set the Printer Device as Default

To set the printer as default, you can follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Open the Start menu and search for the Control Panel and launch it.
  • Now, navigate to the ‘Hardware and Sound’ section and then go to ‘Devices and printers’.
  • Then, you will see a list of printers connected, right-click on the printer you want to work on and select ‘Set As Default’.
  • Finally, restart the PC to implement the changes.

Method 3: Modify the Registry

You can also modify the registry and for that follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Press Windows + R and type ‘Regedit’ in the blank field.
  • Now, go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Hardware Profiles\Current\Software\TS PDF Generator
  • Right-click on TS PDF Generator key and click on Permissions.
  • Tap on Users group and check the Full Control option. Lastly, click on the Apply and Ok button respectively.

Method 4: Update the Driver for USB Composite Device

Sometimes, the USB Composite device may not be configured properly leading to “Printer Not Activated Error Code-30”. Thus, follow the steps given below:

  • Press Windows + R and type ‘devmgmt.msc’ to open the Device Manager.
  • Then, go to Universal Serial Bus Controllers and click on the + icon next to expand it.
  • Now, uninstall the USB Composite Device by right-clicking on it.
  • Disconnect the printer and connect it again.
  • And then follow the on-screen instruction as soon as the new Hardware gets located.

Method 5: Change the Application’s Security Permission

Due to security permissions, this error can appear and prevent all printing jobs. However, this issue can be fixed by following the below-given points:

  • Go to the application that is triggering this error and right-click on it to choose Properties.
  • Then, go to the Security tab and select the user account from the list and click on Edit.
  • Now, check the Full Control option in Allow and click Apply and Ok. Perhaps after that, you will have Full Control over the application.


You can also try to print the PDF file by manually selecting the entire process. Further, try to uninstall and reinstall the driver in case the problem persists. 

You can apply the provided solutions sequentially to ensure that the “Printer Not Activated Error Code 30” does not reappear.

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