Troubleshoot Lexmark 900.43 Firmware Error with Excellent Solutions in Your Budget: Connect with the Experts for Rapid Printer Repair Services

Today, printers have become a much essential part of our daily life. Though we are living in an era of digitalization and soft copies, we cannot deny the necessity of hard copies for any official work. There are various printer manufacturers in the market such as HP, Epson, Canon, etc. among which, Lexmark is quite famous among the users. Lexmark printers are the most used printers across the globe. Lexmark Inc. is a famous manufacturing company based in America that produces a wide range of printers.

But, Lexmark printers have many grey areas that hamper the normal printing job of these devices. Several error codes might appear during its printing sessions out of which, Error 900 is the most common one. It is also called the firmware error which mainly occurs due to a bad connection with a network adapter or network card. At that time, you might feel helpless for not being able to complete your important printing job. You can avoid this problematic situation by consulting with printer repair experts. However, some quick solutions are there to eliminate the Lexmark 900.43 firmware error which you can avail by reading this blog.

What Exactly Is Firmware Error 900 of a Lexmark Printer?

Error code 900 mainly indicates a connection error in the printer. When the normal connection between your Lexmark printer and existing network adapter gets hampered, this error code appears. It creates hindrances in the printing jobs and thus, requires urgent attention from you to get the error fixed. Keep reading this blog to know about the various easy methods to fix this error code on your own.

Quick Fixes to Resolve 900.43 Firmware Error from Your Lexmark Printer:

As soon as you receive Error code 900 on your Lexmark printer, you should contact with your network provider at first. A bad internet speed or service might cause an issue in network connectivity, and cause 900.43 firmware error. If they confirm you regarding the perfect network service, you can apply the following methods to solve this error code:

Method 1: Miscellaneous

  1. Check the network cable and replace it with a new one in case you find it to be defective
  2. Unplug and replug the network cable properly to confirm a perfect connection between the network adapter and the printer
  3. Reboot the printer by following the printer manual thoroughly
  4. Power off the printer and disconnect all the power cables. Wait for a few minutes and then, restart the device to check whether the Lexmark code 900.43 reappears or not
  5. Try printing a different document to confirm whether the problem is with the particular print job or the printer

In case the Lexmark code 900.43 still appears on your printer, apply another method which is mentioned below.

Method 2: Lexmark Firmware Update

  • Open your web browser and type the IP address of your printer
  • Check on the “device information” & regulate the new firmware code
  • Inspect whether the current version of firmware is available in the web & download it
  • Install the software and sign in to your existing Lexmark printer’s account
  • Tap on the link stating “support & download”
  • Write the name of your printer & select the model under “search the products by the name” tab
  • Now, you need to download the code of the firmware & store the file in the desired location on your PC
  • You should update the firmware code of your Lexmark printer
  • To update the printer firmware code, choose the option “update firmware”
  • Open the downloaded file to update the firmware
  • As soon as the updating process finishes, restart the printer
  • Try to take some sample prints to check whether the error code still exists or not

If this Lexmark firmware update method doesn’t solve the problem, then there must be some issue with the printer hardware. Only a reliable printer technician can solve this issue with perfection by offering pocket-friendly Lexmark printer repair services. Approach a professional technician to get rid of this annoying error code at a reasonable price and within a short span of time.

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