Learn How to Connect Canon Printer to WiFi with Simple Solutions

how to connect canon printer to wifi

Widely used by both professionals and beginners all over the world, Canon Printers have come a long way. They are known for quality printing and come with robust features. But for utilizing its features, you need to learn how to connect canon printer to WiFi. In this article, we will discuss some simple hacks. In case you confuse in the steps, instantly contact us for resolving Canon printer troubles.

How to Connect Canon Printer to WiFi in Simple Steps

The methods we will discuss here is divided into 2 steps. In the initial half, the printer turning on a process is discussed. In the second part, the steps will determine whether the connection is strong enough or not. So, follow them minutely and try not to skip any part. In case you seem confused, take experts assistance for an instant solution.

Connect Canon Printer to WiFi: Method 1

First, tap on the Power key and switch on your Canon printer. Then, move directly to the Settings Panel button and tap the left arrow key. After that, you will be directed to the Device Settings of your system. Now, click on the OK button and tap on the left arrow key once again. This will take you directly to the LAN page. Keep on pressing OK unless you reach the LAN setup. Over there, the Canon printer will navigate the WiFi network.

While the process is going on, the Power button will blink. You can the option of stopping the procedure but it is better to finish the process for best results. If waiting is inconvenient, force stop and tap on OK to move back to the LAN page. Press the arrow key again. As the final step, type the correct passcode (preferably uppercase or numeric letters). Tap on the OK icon to securely connect the network.

Method 2

Once you have carried out the former steps, you need to check whether the connection is secured or not. Also, make sure it is well connected with the computer. For that, minutely follow the procedure given in points.

  1. Move to the keyboard, and tap on the R and the Windows key concurrently. Now, move to the Microsoft Devices platform. Choose the OK button and a new page will appear.
  2. Add your Canon printer model and follow the instructions given there. It will take minutes to finish the process.
  3. Finally, take out a test print for looking at the quality of print and ink resolution.

Connect Canon Printer to WiFi – for Mac Users Only

There are two things you must consider before applying this method. First, you must have an access point and a physical WPS push button. Second, the network connection must follow the guidelines set by the WPA protocol. Third, do not switch off the Canon printer while working. Once all these considerations are fulfilled begin with the work.

  • Once the Canon printer is turned on, tap on the WiFi button present beside the printer lid. You will see that the button/lamp emits a light blue color.
  • The blink must flash blue; now move to the access point and tap on the WPS icon within a few seconds.
  • While searching for the WiFi network, the lamp will constantly emit blue lights.
  • Once the connection is established, both the power and lamp will stop flickering.

Contact Us for Ultimate Cannon Printer Services

Connecting Canon Printer to WiFi follows some simple procedures but you can mess up if you are not that much tech-savvy. There is nothing to be sad about since we can help you out. Contact us through calling or emailing and let our experts connect the Wifi for you. Besides dialing the support number +1-855-789-0292. You can join us via the live chat support. Our technical team is well-versed with the printer and the WiFi issues that can hamper your system. So, you can consult our professionals for a thorough checkup.


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