Dell Printer Will Not Print Until The Color Cartridge Is Replaced : Effective solutions

dell printer will not print until the color cartridge is replaced

Dell is one of the best printer manufacturing companies. While printing something, at times, users find some issues that create a work lag. These issues can be quite irritating and hard to resolve. And most of these issues are related to the cartridges. As a result, Dell printer will not print until the color cartridge is replaced. The main reason for this issue is a faulty or empty color cartridge on the printer. Thus, in this article, we are going to discuss Dell V515W printer will not print until the black color cartridge is replaced.

Reasons Why Dell Printer Will Not Print Until The Color Cartridge Is Replaced

The cause of this issue with your Dell printer lies with the color cartridges. Also, if the color cartridges are not properly placed inside the printer, this issue can crop up. Sometimes, if the outlet of the ink in the printer is clogged, then you might face this issue on the printer.

Methods To Resolve Dell V515W Printer Will Not Print Until The Black Color Cartridge Is Replaced

Issues with cartridges are quite common and they can crop up anytime. So, if your  Dell printer will not print until the color cartridge is replaced, then there are certain tricks you can try. These are as follows:

Reseating The Black Cartridge

Reseating the cartridge can help to resolve the issue. Thus, to reseat the black cartridge, open the printer with the help of the ‘Scanner Bed’. Then, press the tab behind the ‘Ink cartridge’. Now, to take out the ink cartridges, press the ‘Release Tab’ behind the cartridge and open it. Next, place the cartridge in a proper manner and push it back to reseat it. Then, turn on the printer and try to print something to check if the issue with the printer.

Cleaning And Aligning The Cartridge

In case, by following the above methods the issue is not resolved, then you can follow this method to resolve the issue. At first, select the Windows key from your keyboard. Then, select ‘All Programs’ and choose the folder ‘Dell Printer’. Next, select ‘Dell Printer Home’. Now, select the printer from the list and click on the tab named ‘Maintenance’. Further, select the option saying ‘Deep Clean Cartridges’. After that, run ‘Deep Clean’ if needed. Finally, try to print any document from your computer and check if the issue is resolved or not.

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The above-mentioned fixes will eventually help you to resolve the issue with your Dell printer. But, at times, these solutions can fail to help you out. Also, while going through this article, if you need any additional assistance, then you can get in touch with us on our helpline +1-855-789-0292. Further, you can get in touch with us through the live chat option that is present on our official webpage. Also, you can send us an email as per your convenience if required. We are always here to help you out. Our lines are throughout the day active.

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