Fixed Canon Printer In Error State [4 Easy Hacks]


Canon Printer In Error State

There are a number of people who use the Canon printer to assist their daily work. Canon users often report facing the Canon printer in error state error notification while trying to print.  

There can be various reasons that can lead to this problem. If you are also stuck with the same problem, then you can have a look at the section below to get rid of this issue. 

How to Fix Canon Printer in Error State

Here, we are going to provide a step-by-step guide through which you can solve this problem in minutes. So, you can perform the hacks described below: 

Method 1: Check the Connection and Restart the Printer

When you are facing the Canon printer in error state error message, you can apply these simple hacks to check if you can use the printer without any hassle. 

Check whether the connection between the printer and computer functions properly. Afterward, confirm that the devices are connected to each other. 

According to some users, they have solved this problem just by restarting both the devices. Turn off both the printer and computer and then wait for at least 2-4 minutes. Then, turn the devices On and try a test print. 

If you see that the error still persists, then you can move on to the next method provided below. 

Method 2: Set the Print Spooler Service to Automatic

You can solve this error by changing the Print Spooler Service type. Here are the steps you can follow to do this: 

  1. First of all, hit the R and Win key both at the same time from the keyboard to open the Run Command box. 
  2. Afterward, type “services.msc” in the Run box and then press the Enter key from the keyboard. 
  3. Now, search for the ‘Print Spooler’ service from the list of services. Once you get that, confirm that it is set to Start. 
  4. Next, right-click on it and then choose the ‘Properties’ option from the list. 
  5. Navigate to the General tab and then click on the drop-down button of the ‘Startup type’ option. Then, choose the ‘Automatic’ option from the list. 
  6. Now, tap on the Apply and then the OK button to proceed. 

After doing this, you can exit from the Services window and then restart the system to check whether the problem is solved. Otherwise, you can perform the other solutions stated below. 

Method 3: Update the Printer Driver

If you are using an outdated version of the printer driver, then you can update the printer driver to solve this error. 

To do this, you can visit the official website of Canon and then search for the latest version of drivers by using the model number of the printer. Afterward, click twice on the Installer file to install that on your computer. 

Otherwise, you can do it manually. Try out the below steps in order to update the driver manually: 

  • In the beginning, invoke the Run command box and then type “devmgmt.msc” in the input field. Tap on the OK button to open Device Manager. 
  • Now, you can check all the drivers and open the sub-menu of ‘Print queues’. After that, right-click on the ‘Printer Hardware’ option and then choose the ‘Update driver’ option. 
  • Next, it will open a pop-up box that asks you which way you want to choose to update the driver. Choose the ‘Browser my computer for driver software’ option to continue. 
  • Click on the Browse button to choose the driver file you downloaded and update it accordingly. 
  • Lastly, restart the computer and then check if the error is solved. 

Note: If you are unable to do this manually, then you can choose the ‘Search automatically for updated driver software’ instead of ‘Browser my computer for driver software’ option. It will start to search for the latest version automatically and download the best software available. 

After updating the latest version, if you see that the Canon printer in error stateerror still re-appears, then you can reinstall it to fix this issue. 

Method 4: Reinstall the Printer driver and Other Printer Apps

If all the methods fail to solve this error, then you can use this hack as your last resort. Uninstall and reinstall the printer driver and other applications to solve this problem. Here’s how to do this: 

  1. At first, go to the Start menu and right-click on it. Choose the ‘Device Manager’ option from the list. 
  2. Go to the Hardware category and then right-click on the printer hardware. Click on the ‘Uninstall Device’ option from the list. 
  3. Once the device is uninstalled, turn the printer off. 
  4. Next, open the Run box once again and then type “appwiz.cpl” in the box. Hit the Enter key from the keyboard to open the list of apps installed on the system. 
  5. Now, select all the printer applications (Canon components or other software) and then choose the ‘Uninstall’ option from the list. 
  6. Thereafter, connect the device with the system using a USB cable and test the connection. 

If the device is identified by the system, then it will reinstall the drivers as well as the uninstalled apps automatically. 

Note: If you see that the computer is not recognizing the printer, then you can reset the router and reconnect both the device. As a precaution, you always need to restart the router once a while to avoid problems like this. 

Hopefully, one of the above methods will definitely help you to solve the Canon printer in error stateerror. To read more about glitches associated with the Canon printer, you can follow our posts regularly. 

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