Canon Printer Drivers For Windows 10? Know How To Resolve It Without Any Hassle

canon printer drivers for windows 10

The printer is one of the most important electronic gadgets in our life. Moreover, as we all know the importance of the drivers of any hardware, which, in fact, acts as a media of communication between your system and the external gadget, in this case, the printer. But, while we are installing the drivers of the printers or updating it, then we might face some issues with our computer. We generally face this kind of an issue with the Windows 10 computer. While updating the Windows on your computer the driver files might have already been corrupted, due to which you might face some problems in updating it. Sometimes, we might be using the drivers which is not compatible with the version of the Operating System on our computer. Then, you might face this issue on your computer. The issue relating to the driver is very much common and can occur anytime. Therefore, in this article, we are going to discuss the techniques you should know to resolve the problems related to the Canon printer drivers for Windows 10.

Canon printer drivers for Windows 10: The Flaws we see while Updating

There are a collection of glitches that are mostly spotted while the users are updating the Canon printer drivers on Windows 10:

  1. Due to the driver file getting corrupted, we might face issues.
  2. If the updates are not properly installed on your computer, then issues may occur on our computers.
  3. There might be some problem with the driver of the printer, due to which you might face problems on your computer.
  4. Also, due to the use of the backdated printer drivers, you might face several issues on your computer.
  5. If the network connection is not continuous on your computer, even then, there can be disruptions to your work.

How to Resolve the issues Canon printer driver For Windows 10?

The process to resolve the Canon printer driver for Windows 10 computer are as follows:

  1. Uninstalling and reinstalling the printer drivers.
  2. Updating the drivers.
  3. Using the Windows Update for new drivers.

Thus, we are going to discuss the methods in details.

Uninstalling and Reinstalling the Printer Driver

To uninstall and then install the driver f the Canon printer go through the steps:

  1. At first, press the ‘Windows’ logo key and the letter ‘R’ together from the keyboard.
  2. After that, in the ‘Run’ box type ‘devmgmt.msc’ and press the ‘Enter’ key from the keyboard.
  3. Now, from the list of options choose your printer and right click on it.
  4. Then select ‘Uninstall device’ and then select ‘Uninstall’ to remove the device from your computer.
  5. Next, download the driver for your Canon printer and then install it on your computer.
  6. Finally, restart your computer and check whether the issue is resolved on your computer.

Updating the Drivers

Follow the steps to update the driver on your computer:

Manually Updating the Printer driver

  1. Press the Windows logo key on your computer.
  2. Then, in the search space, type ‘Device Manager’ and then select the first option from the top.
  3. Next, in the ‘Device Manager’ enlarge the option ‘Printers’ and then right-click on the printer driver and then, select the option ‘Update Driver’ to update the driver of your computer.
  4. After that, select ‘Search automatically for updated driver software’ to search for the updates and then, download and install the updates on our computer.
  5. Now, check if the issue is solved with the driver of your Canon printer.

Automatically Updating the Printer driver

To update the printer driver, you can open the official website of the Canon printers and then, download the update the printer driver according to the model number on your printer.

Using the Windows Update for New Drivers

Using the Windows update to resolve the issue follow the steps:

  1. Press the ‘Windows’ logo key and then in the search panel type ‘Update’ and press the ‘Enter’ key from the keyboard,
  2. Now, select the option ‘Check for updates’ and then again select ‘Check for updates’ on your computer.
  3. After that, Windows will be installed on your system.
  4. After, installing the Windows updates check if the problem with the driver on your computer is resolved on your computer.

Hence, by following the steps as discussed above you can resolve the issue by yourself.

Resolving this issue is very simple. Thus, go through methods one by one to resolve the driver related problem with your computer. For any other issues, check our official website for helpful solutions.


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