How To Perform Epson XP-640 Setup: Epson Wireless Guide

epson xp-640 setup

Epson XP 640 is a premium printer that comes with a bundle of features including the wireless feature. With the advancement of technology, wireless accessibility has made printing an easier task on the go.

However, to access the wireless feature of the XP 640 you need to set up the wireless mode. And so here is the guide and steps related to the Epson XP-640 setup. Let us now go through the steps listed below.

How to Install Epson XP-640 Driver?

Firstly, before you start with the wireless setup, you need to install the proper driver package for the Epson XP 640. The driver package is required for the printer to run properly. 

The driver files are available separately for Windows and macOS. For that, you have to visit the official website and from there you have to download the driver based on the system and printer model you are using.

How to Set Up Epson XP-640?

Go through the following steps for Epson XP-640 setup:

  • Firstly, unbox the package and then place the printer on a flat surface.
  • Attach one end of the cord to the electric power supply and the other end to the rear of the printer.
  • Now, switch on the printer and then adjust with the Control Panel.
  • After that, pick the language you want and also set the time and date.
  • Now, open the scanner unit of the printer and then gently shake the black ink cartridge.
  • Remove the cap of the ink cartridge and insert it in a suitable way.
  • Now you have to slide out the paper tray and then put the guides to the extreme ends.
  • Put some papers and slide the tray in. Configure the paper settings on the Epson expression premium XP 640 printer.
  • Lastly, connect the printer to the computer during the driver installation of the Epson XP 640.

Wireless Setup for Epson XP-640:

Follow the steps for the Epson XP 640 set up:

  • Firstly, press the Home button of the printer
  • Then, use the navigation buttons to select Epson XP 640 set up. Thereafter, tap on the Network Settings and then select the Wi-Fi setup.
  • Open the Wi-Fi setup wizard and choose the network name.
  • You now have to enter the password of the network. However, if the network is not shown then scroll down and select any other network.
  • Type the network name on the displayed keypad and enter the password.
  • View on the window, the network settings and save the settings to proceed.

To connect Epson XP-640 to the Computer with Wi-Fi Direct

You can use WiFi Direct mode to allow the printer to communicate directly with the computer via wireless mode.

  • On the home screen of the printer, select the WiFi direct setup, then press OK
  • Press the Navigation button and then select Yes and click on Ok
  • Now, to enter the WiFi Direct password, use the onscreen keypad of the printer.
  • Then, with the navigation buttons, highlight the keys and press Ok.
  • Find the WiFi network listed in the display. Type in the WiFi network name and then enter the password.
  • After that, both the printer and computer will get connected
  • Lastly, click Ok to exit and check if the connection symbol is visible on the printer’s LCD screen. 

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