Proven Ways to Align Print Head of Your Epson Printer

A printer has a significant role to play in completing important paperwork. All inkjet printers available in the market have one thing in common i.e. the print head. Normally, there are two types of print heads, Piezo and Thermal. Epson printers use Piezo inkjet print heads. These advanced printers do not use heat during the printing session, which makes them suitable for a vast range of inks. Seiko Epson is a popular brand in the market due to its premium quality of printers with best-in-class features. In spite of the awesome performance of Epson printers, you might encounter an issue with the print head alignment. Sometimes, due to a lack of technical knowledge, you are unable to perform an Epson print error state. Irrespective of the cause, it is mandatory for you to eliminate printhead issues at the earliest.

Probable Causes of Print Head Alignment Issues

Alignment issues are common and you can solve it easily with professional help. Take a look at the reasons behind “Epson print head alignment not working” issues:

  1. Issues due to a paper jam
  2. If there is a clogging issue or dust accumulation in your print cartridge
  3. A problem occurring due to improper installation of the cartridge
  4. In case you are using poor quality of the cartridge
  5. Issues after your printer finish a large printing session

If you keep in mind the above parameters, it should solve your purpose in the first place. Furthermore, if you are unable to get desirable printing results, you need to search for Epson print in error state services.

Following Problems Occur Due to Print Head Alignment Errors

Alignment issues are complex and can make the purchase of your printer useless. If you are experiencing the following problems, it indicates that you need expert guidance to resolve the print head alignment issues. Below is a list of common issues that need to be resolved by an expert:

  • Issues due to incorrect or missing colors
  • A problem occurring due to blurry printouts
  • Issues due to horizontal banding
  • A problem occurring due to vertical misalignment

Proven Ways to Align Print Head of Your Epson Printer

Go Through the Hacks Which Can Help You to Overcome Printhead Errors:

Horizontal Banding

  • You can run the Print Head Alignment Utility
  • Face up the printable side of the paper in the sheet feeder
  • Clear clogged ink nozzles by running the Head Cleaning Utility
  • After clearing all customized settings, select Text, and Image setting. Alternately, select the Automatic settings under Mode in the Print dialog box
  • You can check the ink out the light. In case if you see flashing, you need to replace the desirable ink cartridge
  • Do not select Minimize Margins and make sure that you do not select Maximize setting as the Printable Area
  • Lastly, make sure that the media type you select in the printer software is appropriate for the type of media loaded in your printer

In Case of Vertical Misalignment or Banding,

  • Face up the printable side of the paper in the sheet feeder
  • You can run the Print Head Alignment Utility
  • After that, clear High-Speed Checkbox in the Advanced dialog box
  • You can run the Head Cleaning utility to clear clogging of ink nozzles
  • The Media Type setting should be appropriate for the type of media loaded in the printer

Resolve Incorrect or Missing Colors

If you notice incorrect or missing colors, you can change the Ink setting in your printer software to Color. After that, adjust the color settings in your application. You can run the Head Cleaning Utility. Make sure that you do not use an ink cartridge beyond the expiry of data printed on the cartridge package.

Resolve Issues Due to Blurry Printouts

You can get rid of blurry printouts once you use the appropriate driver for your printer. Use Epson friendly paper and keep your printer on a flat surface. Also, run the Head Cleaning Utility. Try using the Print Head utility.

If you are unable to resolve printhead issues, you must search for the Epson printer is in error state for instant solutions.

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Are you unable to Align the Printhead on Your Epson Printer?

Here is a useful guide for you to learn the steps for aligning print head on your Epson printer. Besides, these steps are applicable for Epson XP-410 head alignment. For better printing results, skipping any of the steps is a big no:

If you are a Windows user

  1. You can load A4 or letter-size plain paper into the sheet feeder
  2. Then, you can access the printer software
  3. Likewise, click the Maintenance tab and click on the Print Head Alignment button
  4. Likewise, follow the on-screen instructions to align the print head

If you are Mac OS (8.6 to 9.x) user

  1. Again you need to make sure that you load A4 size paper in the sheet feeder
  2. Likewise, access the Page Setup dialog box
  3. Click on the Utility icon button and then click on print head alignment button
  4. Furthermore, follow the on-screen instructions

If you are a Mac Os (X) user

Again, perform the steps which were mentioned for Mac OS (8.6 to 9.x)

  1. Make sure that you load A4 size paper in the sheet feeder
  2. Similarly, access the Epson printer Utility in the dialog box
  3. For accessing printer utility, select your printer and click OK in the printer list window
  4. Additionally, click the Printhead Alignment button in the Utility dialog box
  5. Lastly, follow the on-screen instructions which appear

If none of the steps help in eliminating your issue, opt for professional assistance. Printer repairing is no more a challenge when you choose reliable services.

Tried Every Step? Are You Still Unsuccessful in Solving Your Printer Issue?

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