Epson Perfection V550 Wireless Setup: A Comprehensive Guide

Epson Perfection V550 Wireless Setup

Epson Perfection v550 is a top-rated printer that provides 6400 dpi resolutions. This Epson printer model uses ReadyScan LED technology to provide fast scanning. Besides that, you may scan any movie downsides to create duplicates. Also, it is excellent for other prominent media, for example, huge pictures, posters, and newspaper articles.

If you have decided to use this scanner for your professional purpose, then first, you should complete the Epson perfection v550 wireless setup procedure. Otherwise, you are unable to use it properly.

Epson Perfection V550 Wireless Setup: Steps to Follow

Before you begin, ensure that you have these things.

  • Use Ethernet Network Cable
  • Wireless router or Access point
  • Gather all the information related to the Network settings, such as Network name commonly known as SSID and wireless security key.

Now, go through the rest of the content without ignoring a single step.

Step 1- Set up the Epson Perfection V550 Printer

First, make sure that the Epson machine is turned on. Then, take an Ethernet cable and connect the cable to the LAN port of the Epson printer.

The other end of the cable must be connected to any of the LAN port of the wireless router or access point. Unfortunately, if there is no LAN port on the wireless router, then don’t panic, directly connect the Ethernet’s cable to the computer’s LAN port.

When finished, then continue with the next step.

Step 2- Installing the Software

        1. Ensure that you are connected to the wireless LAN that you want to add to the printer. If you connect only one wireless LAN, and if you have a strong internet connection, then you will see an indication.

        2. Then, insert the installation CD drive within the computer. Immediately the Epson Install menu will show on the display. Follow the online instructions and choose your preferred language. Ensure that the printer model that you have selected is correct.

        3. Once done, tap on Next to continue. Carefully read the Software Licence Agreement and click on the Agree button followed by Next.

On the next screen, the install mode that you want to use will show on the display. For example Easy Install, Single Install.

       4. If you want to use the printer for personal purposes, then choose the Easy Install button. If you wish to install the ‘Recommended’ software, then you can also install them. To continue, click on Next.

After that, the drivers, as well as the software, will be installed. Now, choose Network as the connection method. Tap on Next. On the next screen, you will see the Network Settings manual option. To know more details on it, click on Next.

       5. This lead to the Epson Easy Network Setup wizard. Sometimes, a firewall warning message will appear on the display. It is necessary to tap on Unblock or Allow to permit the Epson program. Otherwise, it may hamper the installation procedure. 

If you are a Mac OS X user, then you have to configure the firewall software in order to allow the Network Access for the EasyInstall.

If you use the Windows Operating System, then when the warning message appears on the screen, do not click on the Ask Me later, or Keep Blocking option.

       6. Choose ‘Set up this printer for the first time’ option on the next screen. After that, click on Next. Ensure that the printer’s ethernet cable is still connected. Furthermore, choose the connection method.

You can connect through a router or access point. However, if the printer is directly connected to the computer’s LAN port, then opt for method 2.

Connection Method 2- Directly Connect to the Computer

In case, the wireless router, or hub does not have a LAN port, then use this method. This method is also applicable to those advanced users who use a crossover cable. 

Connection Method 3- Connect through WPS or SES

In case, your wireless router has a WPS button, then use the WPS button as the connection.

Once you are done with the connection procedure, tap on OK. Now, the software will search and within a few seconds, all the available networks will show on the display. Tap on the Epson product that you want to install. Next, configure the wireless LAN network. Tap on Next to continue.

If you use a large network, like a corporate network, and multiple printers are connected on the network, then you have to identify the Mac address. You will see the Mac address on the Network Status sheet.

Once you have successfully selected the correct printer, tap on Next. Now, the system will ask you to choose the Network Communication type. Click on Wireless option followed by Next.

Hit the ‘Choose a Wireless Network’ option. After that, the installer will automatically show all the available Wi-fi networks and sort them by the signal strength. Furthermore, choose the same SSID that you have used previously. Tap on Next.

If required, you can manually type the Network name. 

WEP or WPA Security Settings

In case, the wireless LAN is security enabled, then you should enter the WEP key or WPA password. You have to use the same encryption key that wirelessly connects the network.  However, if the encryption key is not the same, then nothing will appear on the display.

After that, perform any of the following:

       1. If you select WEP-64 bit (40 bit) or WEP 128 bit (104 bit), then the following will appear on the display.

        When the WEP key is 10 or 26 digits long, select the Hexadecimal option. When the WEP key is 5 or 13 digits long, choose the Alphanumeric button. Set the ‘Select WEP key to Make Activate’ option to 1. Tap on Next. 

       2. In case, you choose WPA-PSK ( TKIP) or WPA-PSK (AES), then, type the WPA password in two fields. Also, if the password contains uppercase or lowercase characters, then make sure that you have entered them correctly. Tap on Next to continue.

Next, you have to confirm the current IP address. You are recommended not to change it and set it to automatic. In case, the printer has a memory card reader, then ‘Allow Acess to memory Cards over the Network ‘ message will appear. Choose any of the options. Like, Read, Write, Read Only.  Hit the Next option.

Now, ‘Confirm Settings’ message will show on the screen that verifies that the settings are correct. If you wish to change any settings, tap on Back.  

When you have assured that the settings are correct, then the information will be sent to the printer. Wait till the completion of the procedure. While executing the procedure, don’t shut down the printer or remove the Ethernet cable.

A yellow or green indicator will pop up beside the printer name that means the connection is successfully completed. However, if it fails, then a red indicator will be displayed. 

Step 3- Final Settings

In this step, you will complete the setup procedure

For Windows

Make sure that the printer’s name is correct. If you wish, you may rename the printer. Also, the printer should be set as a default printer. Tap on Next. 

The Status screen indicates that the final setup is completed automatically. Wait for some moments as the Epson printer may take some time to connect to the wireless LAN. 

When finished, tap on Next. To confirm the printer and connection, put some white paper inside the printer and click on Yes for a test print. Click on Next.

The setup procedure is finished and it is ready to use. Finally, tap on Finish. Remove the Ethernet cable from the printer. Also, disconnect from the access point, wireless router and computer.

For Mac OS X

Simply follow the online instructions. When you see the ‘Installation Complete’ message, click on Finish. Thereafter, disconnect the Ethernet cable. Click on Finish to close the easy installation.

These are the overall steps for the Epson perfection v550 wireless setup.

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