Ultimate Guide to Setup Epson L355 for Mac OS X and Windows 10

Epson printers stand out among the top printer brands across the world. Epson provides its users with a vast range of printer models such as imaging printers, laser printers, color printers, etc. After purchasing a new Epson printer model, the critical task at hand is to install it properly on your computer. The correct installation of the printer driver software is essential to ensure maximum performance. You can connect your Epson printer with a wired network or with a wireless one.

While applying any of these three setup procedures mentioned in Epson manuals, you might require help from an expert. Moreover, connecting your Epson printer with MAC OS and Windows 10 can be a baffling experience for the uninitiated. In case you are not a tech-savvy person, you should consult with professionals to avail thorough guidance regarding Epson L355 Wi-Fi setup for Mac.

Epson Printer Connection Setup for Mac OS X and Windows 10

Quick Steps to Connect Epson L355 Using WPS on Mac

Epson l335 is a wireless and all-in-one printer that is perfect for both home and office use. It offers high-quality printing with scanning features and unmatched Wi-Fi connectivity. As mentioned earlier, Epson l335 can connect to a wireless network with WPS, through cables or via the Epson method. To connect Epson l335 with your computer using WPS you need to check your router first. It should have a Wi-Fi Protected Setup or WPS sticker pasted on it. If your router has the WPS sticker, you will need the router password and the SSID name of the network. Then you should follow the steps mentioned below to complete the Epson L355 Wi-Fi installation correctly on your Mac OS.

Connect Epson L355

  • Select the wireless setup wizard button on the printer control panel
  • Choose the name your network name from the displayed list
  • Enter the password of your network
  • Click on “OK”
  • Confirm the details you have provided and click on OK
  • Click on “Exit from the wireless network setup”
  • The icon of the wireless network should change to indicate that you are receiving a wireless signal.
  • Your Epson l335 printer is now ready to print wirelessly

In case you didn’t get a satisfactory result by following the above-mentioned step, you can apply the next method.

Epson L355 Wi-Fi Setup through the Epson Method

❏    Before starting this method, you need to ensure that your Epson printer is compatible with a wireless or Ethernet connection. In case it is not compatible, visit the main page of Epson support and choose your device. Then, go to Manuals and Warranty and click on “Start Here”.

❏    Download and set up the “Epson Connect Printer Setup Utility” by visiting the official site of Epson

❏    Read the “End-User License Agreement” thoroughly and then click on the “Next” button

❏    Click on “Install” and then press “Finish”

❏    choose your product and then click on the “Next” button

❏    Select the “Printer Registration” radio button, and then click “Next”.

❏    Click on the “Agree “button and then click on the “Next” button.

❏    A message will appear saying “Register a printer to Epson Connect” message,

❏    Click on the “OK” option

❏    Fill in the form for “Create an Epson Connect Account” in case you are opening a new account

❏    Click on the “Finish” button.

❏    In case you are adding a new device with an old account, select “I already have an account”

❏    Fill in the form of “Add a new printer”

❏    Press the “Add” button

❏    Tap on “Close” button

❏    Your Epson Printer L355 should be successfully connected to Wi-Fi Network now

❏    Confirm it by printing a sample document

If you find it difficult to apply the above-mentioned method, you can also try out an alternative method for the Epson L355 Wi-Fi setup.

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Epson L355 Wi-Fi Configuration via Cables on Mac

You can opt for Epson L355 Wi-Fi configuration via cables on Mac if you use wired internet connection instead of a wireless network. Connect your Epson L335 printer with your MacBook with a cable and start applying the steps given below.

1.    Go to System Preferences on the Apple’s start menu

2.    Click on Print & Scan for two times

3.    Tap on the plus sign button present on the Print & Scan window

4.    Tap on the IP tab in the Print Browser window

5.    Configure the Protocol to Epson inkjet

6.    Tap on the “Add”

7.    Your Epson printer L335 will be added to the list of printers on your MacBook

8.    Take a sample printout to inspect whether the process has been completed successfully or not

These above-mentioned methods should help you to complete the installation of the Epson L335 printer successfully. Sometimes, errors might appear during the process due to a manual mistake or network issue. In such a situation only an expert can guide you to complete the printer installation properly. They can guide you in the best ways regarding Epson L355 Wi-Fi setup for Windows 10 by offering affordable Epson printer repair service. Searching for Reliable Epson Printer Repair Center near Your Location? Connect with Us

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