Effective Ways to Fix Panasonic Error E04-01 by Availing Affordable Printer Repair Solutions from Experts

Matsushita Electrical Industrial Co. Ltd or Panasonic Corporation is a famous Japanese company which is the leading manufacturer of electronic gadgets across the globe. It offers us a vast range of products including home appliances, televisions, PCs, laptops, mobile phones, printers, and many more. Panasonic printers are world famous due to offering premium quality of features and long shelf life. Panasonic offers a wide range of printers such as multi-function, wired printers, inkjet, color printers, laser, all-in-one, etc.

But, electronic gadgets such as printers tend to get damaged due to rigorous usage and your Panasonic printer is no different. Users of Panasonic printers around the world often complain about several performance-related errors out of which error message e04-01 is very common. It is also known as the “fuser error” and mainly occurs due to a dirty or defective fuser thermistor. Receiving such errors during your important printing sessions can be annoying and you need to take urgent actions to repair these issues at the earliest. You can either consult with a professional or read this blog to know about some effective and quick repair methods for Panasonic error e04-01.

What Exactly Is Error Message E04-01 of a Panasonic Printer?

In every printer, there is a component called fuser thermistor which helps to keep the printer papers warm and easy to move. If too much dust accumulates within this component or if it gets damaged, error code e04-01 appears on the printer’s control panel. Panasonic printers are diagnosed with this error more often for which, fortunately, some quick remedies are also available. Go through the net paragraphs thoroughly to have an idea about those remedies.

Smart Techniques to Fix Panasonic Printer Error Code E04-01:

In case your Panasonic printer is displaying error e04-01 and your vital printing job gets on hold, you can try out the following quick fixes.

Method 1: Reset the printer

  • Tap on the power button to switch off the printer
  • Remove the power cord from the backside of the printer
  • Wait for a few seconds and then, plug in the power cord again
  • Tap on the power button to switch on the printer
  • Let the printer start and try to take some sample prints to check whether the error code reappears or not

If error code e04-01 appears again on the LCD panel of your Panasonic printer, try the next easy method which is explained below.

Method 2: Long rebooting of the printer

  1. Click on the power button to turn off the printer
  2. Take out the power cord from the rear of the printer
  3. You need to wait for at least 25 minutes and then, connect the power cord again
  4. Click on the power button to power on the printer
  5. Wait for some time and allow the printer to start
  6. Try to take some sample prints to check whether the error code resolved or not

Method 3: Direct plugin of the printer to the wall socket

  • Tap on the power button to switch off the printer
  • Remove the power cord from the rear of the printer
  • Take out the power cord and connect it directly to the wall socket
  • Plug in the power cord again to the printer
  • Tap on the power button to switch on the printer
  • Let the printer start again and take some sample prints to verify the elimination of the error code

In case none of the above-mentioned methods give you any fruitful result to resolve error e04-01, consult with any printer expert immediately. There must be some serious issue in your Panasonic printer which only a professional can fix by offering reliable Panasonic printer repair services.

Interact with Our Experts to Troubleshoot Error Message E04-01 of Your Panasonic Printer

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