Are You Facing Error Codes while Working on Your Dell Printer? Get to Know What is going Wrong and Fix it with Simple Steps!

There are several gadgets which technology has bestowed on us such as computers, laptops and plotters etc. These devices have brought efficiency in work and ease of use. Now we don’t have to put manual efforts for hours to accomplish one task. Within minutes these gadgets can perform multiple jobs and that too without an error. One such product which reduced a significant amount of manual work is a printer. In the market, there are various alternatives, but one which has captured all segments since the advent of printers is Dell. With its class apart range it has been able to cater consumers with varied needs.

However, with passing time, every gadget encounters issues such as component failure, software corruption etc. and one of them are error codes. Whenever you face such situation, then the first thing which you do is type “dell printer repair near me” in your browser whereas you can handle these Dell printer error codes on your own. Below I have discussed some errors which commonly interrupts the printing process and can be fixed easily:

A) Error code: 004-332

This error generates when your printer is experiencing cartridge related issues. To fix this Dell printer error you need to restart the printer again. First, check if toner cartridges are properly inserted in their position and make sure that the cartridge cradle is properly locked in. Usually, this error comes up in the Dell 3100cn laser printer model.

dell printer error codes

B) Error code: 016-370

This error is “restart printer error” which can be resolved with the help of two methods.

Method 1: Restart the Printer

  • Step 1: First, turn the printer off
  • Step 2: Now wait for 10 seconds
  • Step 3: Turn on the printer
  • Step 4: A message ‘ready for download mode’ will appear on the LCD screen. Initiate the firmware update process and download relevant updates which are available

Method 2: Reset the NVRAM

  • Step 1: When “Ready to Print” text shows up then press the down button until setup settings appear. Now press the select button or the menu button. After this, the setup will display.
  • Step 2: Now press the down button and hold it till the admin menu opens and then tap on the select button
  • Step 3: In admin menu, press the down button and hold it until Maintenance shows and then press the select button
  • Step 4: Again press the down button and hold it to open Initialize NVM. When it shows options then press the select button
  • Step 5: Now press the down button to open user section and then tap on the select button

If you get a text “Are you sure?” then press the select button to confirm the command. If your printer does not restart automatically then shut it down and then turn it on again. Repeat 1, 2, 3 and 4 steps. Press the down button and hold it to open system section and then press the select button. After this perform steps 6 and 7 to complete the process.

C) Error code: 009-360 (Yellow), 009-361 (Magenta), 009-362 (Cyan), 009-363 (Black), 3110cn / 3115cn / 3130cn

In these types of Dell printer errors, printer fails to acknowledge a specific toner such as yellow, magenta, cyan etc. Every tonner has a specific error code. Below is the process through which you can resolve this issue:

If you are using Non-Dell Toner then the following process will apply

  • Step 1: Set the Non-Dell Toner mode to “on” in the operator panel
  • Step 2: Now click on the Menu button
  • Step 3: Keep on pressing the button until admin settings appear and then press the “tick button”
  • Step 4: Again press the down key till the Maintenance settings show up and then press the “tick button”
  • Step 5: Now press the down key to open Non-Dell Toner and tap on “tick button”. Here you will see that “off” is the default setting
  • Step 6: Press the down button to select “On” option and then press the “tick button”
  • Step 7: In the end press the cancel button for multiple times to reach back to the main screen of your printer

If Dell toner is used

  • Step 1: Check all the 4 cartridges present in a printer and replace the one which is missing
  • Step 2: Reset the toner cartridge as per the error such as yellow = (009-360), magenta = (009-361), cyan = (009-362) and black = (009-363)
  • Step 3: If you still face the same problem then replace the cartridge

D) Error Type: Unable to Print Black Text

The reason behind this error is a faulty power supply. Check if the I/O cable is properly connected and all other connections are correctly established

E) Error Type: Printing the Text in Red 

When the tube is not cleaned and is filled with red ink then you will experience red text issues. Clean the tube carefully and then try to print again.

F) Error code: 1200

Generally, this error comes up in Dell 922 printer. This error is related to a loose cartridge which keeps on moving front and back while slamming itself against the printer. Here all you need to do is tighten up the strings which you will find on the back of your printer.

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G) Error Message: A Parallel Port is been used by another Application

This error shows up when you try to make conduct a second scanning operation. To resolve it, first, try to download the printer driver which matches with your operating system. If this does not work then you can also try setting a different parallel port in the BIOS.

H) Error Message: Printhead Error

You will encounter this type of error when the printhead of the printer is not clean. To fix this you can try installing software which is used to clean the head of the printer. You can also try clicking on ‘start’ button and then go to ‘settings’ where you will find an option of ‘printers’. Here, select your printer and right click on it to go on ‘properties’ options and check if any software is already there or not.

These simple methods and process can help you in resolving issues but if you fail to get the desired result then it will be a wise decision to contact an expert who is capable of proving quality Dell printer repair service.

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