Canon MG3022 Wireless Setup: A Complete Guide

canon mg3022 wireless setup

Canon Pixma MG3022 is an all-in-one compact wireless printer that offers superb convenience and amazing print quality from anywhere at your office or home. But, to make it work efficiently and smoothly, the first thing, you have to do is set up the printer

The wireless setup process for the Canon MG3022 printer is quite easy and quick for the users on a broadcast network. Here, we are about to discuss the easy steps through which you can perform the Canon MG3022 wireless setup easily. 

How to Setup Canon MG3022 Wireless Printer? 

You can perform the below steps to set up the Canon MG3022 wireless printer:

Step 1: 

In the beginning, unbox the printer and remove all the protective tape out of the device and the cartridge. Afterward, lift the lid of the scanner to open the output tray. Then, close the cover of the scanner unit. 

Step 2: 

Take the power cable and connect it with the printer. Connect the other end of the power cable with the power supply. Turn the printer On. 

Step 3: 

After that, select your preferred language by using the operation panel of the printer and then press the OK button. Now, turn the printer Off and then lift the scanner unit to insert the cartridge holder. Afterward, you can close the scanner lid. 

Step 4:

Next, turn the printer On and then press the Setup button. Select the ‘Wireless LAN setup option by using the Down or Up arrow key. Press the OK button from the Control Panel of the printer. 

Now, choose the ‘Easy Set up’ option and press the OK button. After that, select the access point and press the OK button once again. Next, type the WP key in the specific field and press OK. 

Step 5: 

Now, turn the computer On and insert the setup CD-ROM (that comes with the device) into the DVD drive of the computer. If you don’t have the setup CD-ROM, then you can visit the official website of Canon and download the latest version of driver and software, using the model number of the printer. 

Step 6: 

Now, you will be redirected to the Setup window that provides 3 options: 


  • Start Set up: If you select this, it will allow you to use the printer from the computer. 
  • Useful Software: If you click on it, it will start to install the software that allows you to use the printer in a simple way. 
  • Online Manual: If you choose this, it will open the online manual of the Canon MG3022 printer. 


Choose the Start Setup option and then tap on the Next button. Afterward, select your country and region and tap on the Next. 

Step 7: 

Now, read the license agreement carefully and then tap on the Yes button to proceed. Now, you will get an advanced survey program. Tap on the Agree button. It will redirect you to the Firewall settings. You can activate or deactivate the Firewall function and then tap on the Next button. 

Step 8: 

Afterward, it will show you the name of the connection process of the broadcast router that is used by the printer. Tap on the Yes button and thereafter, click on the Continue button to proceed. 

Step 9: 

Now, a list of the broadcast router will appear. Select the broadcast router that you want to connect to the device. Next, enter the network key and then add the other network manually. Click on the Next button and then wait for a few seconds until the router connection is set up and completes. 

Step 10: 

Now, the printer is connected to the wireless network. It will display the message ‘Network connection completed’, then tap on the Next button. Now, you have completed the setup process. 

It will show you an option to set the connected printer as the default one. Tap on the Next button. Now, you will get the options to choose any desired application software, select and tap on the Next button. Lastly, click on the Exit button to complete the setup process. 

Hopefully, the above steps will help you to perform Canon Pixma MG3022 wireless setup. If you want to know more about such a setup process, you can follow our posts regularly. 

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