Brother MFC 7360n Wireless Setup

brother mfc 7360n wireless setup

Brother MFC 7360n is an outstanding printing machine that has a 35 pages capacity auto document feeder and is adjustable in nature. Apart from that, it has a 250-sheet capacity paper tray and a manual feed slot. With this printer, you can acquire a 2400 x 600 dpi printing resolution. 

However, to enjoy the exceptional features of this Monochrome machine wirelessly, it is important to connect it with a stable WiFi connection. 

How to Perform Brother Printer MFC 7360n Wireless Setup?

Before starting the setup process, we recommend you to follow the entire guide carefully and apply these steps one by one for a successful wireless setup. 

Besides, you should know the important details like SSID and Network Key which is mostly written at the back of your router. 

If you do not have such WiFi details, then reach the manufacturer. Moreover, you will need a 2.0 USB cable which should not be longer than 6 feet or 2 meters.

Step 1: Unpack the Machine and Verify All its Components

At first, unbox the machine one by one and check whether all the components are present within it or not. Usually, Brother MFC 7360 involves an Installation CD ROM, documentation CD-ROM, Product Registration Sheet (For USA Only), Ac Power cord, Basic User’s Guide, Quick Setup Guide, Telephone Line Cord, Drum Unit and Toner Cartridge assembly (pre-installed) and safety and legal booklet.

It is important to note that after unpacking the machine all the plastic bags should be discarded to avoid any accidental event. Also, while displacing the machine, hold the side handholds of the machine carefully to relocate it. The machine should not be carried by holding it from the bottom.

Step 2: Eliminate the Packing Material from the Machine 

Get rid of all the packing tape and films that are covering the machine body and scanner glass. Open the front cover and remove the silica pack within the machine. Now, put up the elastic band off the drum and pull up the paper strip so that the protective material can be removed. 

Keep out the drum unit and toner cartridge assembly and shake it firmly. Move it side by side so that the toner can be distributed within the toner throughout the assembly. Insert the drum unit and toner cartridge assembly within the machine again and shut the machine front cover.

Step 3: Insert the Paper within the Paper Tray

Now, drag the paper tray out completely out of the machine. Press the green paper guide and release the lever. Move the paper guides so that the paper can be adjusted according to the paper size that you are using. It should be noted that the paper guides should be set firmly within the slots. 

Fan a bunch of  A4 size paper so that it does not get jammed up while printing. Now, keep the paper within the tray. It should be noted that the paper should be below the maximum paper mark. Any over-filling of the tray can cause paper jams. 

While placing the paper, the printing side must face the downward side and the paper guides should touch the paper sides so that it can get feed nicely. Now, insert the paper tray back to the machine carefully.

Step 4: Select Your Language 

This step is optional and is only valid if necessary. Thus, if you want to change your language or choose it accordingly, then follow the steps given below in sequence.

  • At first, Press Menu, 0,0
  • Now make use of arrows keys to select your language and press the Ok button simultaneously. Press Stop/Exit, once done.

Step 5: Set the LCD Contrast

This step is optional as well. If you have been facing difficulty to read something and the LCD contrast is not according to your preferences, follow the steps given below sequentially.

  • Press menu,1,5.
  • Make use of left and right arrows to increase/decrease the LCD contract. Press OK.
  • Press Stop/Exit

Step 6: Set the Date and Time

To set the right date and time in the machine, follow the steps given below in the same order as given below.

  • Press Menu,0,2,2.
  • Insert the last digits of the year within the dial pad and then press the Ok button. Again, enter the two digits of the month on the dial pad and press Ok.
  • Again, enter the two digits for the day within the dial pad and press Ok.
  • You need to enter the time in 24-hour format on the dial pad and then press Ok.
  • Lastly, press stop/Exit. 

Step 7: Steps to Follow Before Installation

It is important to note that during the entire setup process, the computer should be turned on and you should be logged on with Administrator rights. Any running programs within the computer need to be closed.

The machine should be turned off and the USB interface cable should not be connected to the machine. In case, the USB interface is connected, disconnect it immediately.

Step 8: Install MFL-Pro Suite (Driver Installation)

Insert the Installation CD within the CD drive. Once the model name appears on your screen, select your machine. If any language screen displays, select the language accordingly.

Click on Initial installation and then select Install MFL-PRO Suite. Accept the license agreements by clicking on Yes. Now follow the instructions appearing on your screen, unless prompted to insert USB cable.

Insert the USB cable to the connector on your machine and then connect it to the system. Now, turn on the machine and follow the on-screen instruction appearing on your screen to complete the setup process. This marks the end of the driver installation.

Step 9: Wireless Setup Network Configuration

You need to know both the SSID and Network Key of your wireless router before moving any further with the setup. It is usually located at the base or side of the wireless router/access point. Follow the steps given below to set up your Brother printer on the wireless network.

  • Press the Menu button within the Control Panel of the machine and make use of arrows to select Network. Press Ok.
  • Again, make sure of arrows to choose WLAN and press Ok.
  • After that, use the arrows to select Setup Wizard and press Ok again.
  • As soon as you see the WLAN enable? Option, click on yes. This will start the wireless setup wizard.
  • Upon doing so, the machine will start searching for the network and display a list of available networks. Choose your SSID from the list and press Ok.
  • Enter your network key once asked by authentication and encryption and then press Ok to apply settings. Click on Yes. This will connect your machine to the wireless network successfully.

We hope the guide provided above will be helpful for you to set up your Brother printer MFC 7360n wirelessly.  

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