Brother HL-L2340DW Wireless Setup: A Comprehensive Guide

Brother HL-L2340DW Wireless Setup

Brother HL-L2340DW printer is a compact laser printer best suited for home and office use. This Brother printer can print 27ppm with excellent graphics up to 2400*600 dpi. Apart from that, the HL-L2340 DW printer can fulfill all the printing needs through an adjustable 250 sheet capacity paper tray. 

Want to use this Brother printer for your use? Then, first you have to know the setup procedure. You can configure the setup process through a USB cable or wirelessly.

Here, the Brother HL-l2340DW wireless setup procedure is given. Follow them accordingly.

Brother Printer HL-l2340DW Wireless Setup: Know What to Do

To setup wireless Brother HL-l2340DW printer, here are the steps that you can follow:

Step 1

First, you have to unpack the HL-2340 DW printer. Then, take out the packing material from the Brother printer.

Once finished, then open the front panel of the Brother machine. Next, take out the drum unit and after that, remove the silica gel pack from the drum unit.

Step 2

Now, take the Brother printer’s drum unit and remove the orange tape around the sides. Under the printer, you will see a long orange tape and that should be removed.

When finished, close the front panel of the printer.

Step 3

You will notice that the toner cartridges are already installed within the drum unit. Next, connect the AC power cord to the Brother HL-L2340DW printer and after that connect it to an electrical outlet.

Turn on the Brother Printer. For that, press the power button for sometimes. After that, click on the Settings option on the Brother printer.

Furthermore, tap on the All Settings button.

Step 4

On the next display, hit the Print Reports option. After that, click on the Network Configuration button. In order to print the report, click on the Yes button.

Once finished, then you have to locate the IP address as well as the password of the Brother HL-L2340 DW printer. 

Step 5

Furthermore, again click on the Settings and then hit the All Settings button. Next, select the Network option. And then tap on WLAN.

Now, click on the setup wizard and to enable the WLAN and then click on Yes. If you wish, you can tap on no in order to turn off the WLAN.

It totally depends upon your choice.

Step 6

Next, the Brother printer will search for all the available networks. From there, select your network and hit OK.

In case, the connection has been successfully completed, then you HL-L2340 DW printer connected will be shown on the display.

However, if the Brother printer unable to connect to the wi-fi network, then repeat the above steps.

Brother HL-2340 Printer Issues and Troubleshooting

Some users reported various issues while using this printer. Here are the most common issues and their fixes.

1. In case, the HL-L2340 printer is not installed for the first time, then open the front panel and take out the drum unit as well as the toner cartridges assembly. Ensure that you have completely removed all the packing material. 

Once you have assured about that, then placed the drum unit back to its previous place. Close the front panel. Now, turn off the Brother printer and after some time power it on.  It will then fix the problem.

2. If after reinstalling the toner cartridges, the Brother printer creates trouble for you, then turn off the printer. Wait for a while and again turn it on. Open the front panel. Take out the drum unit. Again, reinstall the toner cartridges until you hear a sound that it fixes to its position.

Next, slide the toner cartridges twice or thrice from one end to another. Afterward, close the drum unit and the front panel. Then, turn off the machine and again turn in on. Your printer is not ready.

Hopefully, this guide will surely help you to resolve your all queries.

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